8 or 9 New Apple Products in September 2015

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Apple Products
The biggest annual Apple launching event is nearly here and everyone is anxious about what is in store for them. The anxiety is not without a good reason since this has been a record-breaking year for the Cupertino-based company despite launching only one major product so far in 2015. Everyone should stop for a moment to think about how crazy that is. The new Apple Watch is barely a blip on the radar right now where Apple’s bottom line is concerned, but the company is still setting records with no other major launches.

Of course, all that is about to change, and Apple is gearing up for one of the busiest fall seasons in the company’s storied history. Apple fans can expect at least eight major launches squeezed into just one the month of September 2015.

What exactly can we expect to see from Apple this fall? Let’s take a look.

iPhone 6s
First and foremost, Apple’s flagship iPhone will be refreshed next month. This iPhone 6s will be unveiled during a huge press conference on 9th September, and it’ll likely be released the following week on 18th September.

iPhone 6s Plus
Of course, the iPhone 6s isn’t the only new iPhone Apple fans have to look forward to in 2015. Apple’s super-sized iPhone 6 Plus will also be replaced by its successor, the iPhone 6s Plus.

Just like the current 6 and 6 Plus duo, the iPhone 6s Plus is expected to be almost identical to the main iPhone 6s, but with a larger display.

iPad Air 3
The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus alone might not be enough to top Apple’s record-setting holiday quarter last year, so Apple is also expected to launch a brand new iPad Air 3. Expect upgraded internals and not much else from Apple’s new flagship iPad tablet.

iPad mini 4
As thin as the iPad Air line is, it might still be too big for some users. Apple also reportedly plans to debut a new iPad mini 4 alongside the Air 3, and it should feature similarly upgraded internal components.

Apple TV
That’s right, the new and improved Apple TV everyone has been waiting for will finally be released this fall, following its unveiling on 9th September. Apple followers should expect more power, more memory, a new remote and support for third-party apps ... finally.

Sadly, Apple users shouldn’t expect Apple’s streaming "pay TV killer" to debut alongside the new Apple TV this year.

iOS 9
Moving from hardware to software, Apple will release iOS 9 just ahead of its new iPhones this fall. iOS 9 is a massive upgrade that is packed full of great new features and enhancements.

OS X El Capitan
Don’t let the awful, awful name distract you from the fact that Apple’s upcoming new version of OS X is its best ever.

4K iMac
Last but not least, Apple is reportedly planning to release its highest-resolution device ever in the form of a 4K Retina iMac.

iPad Pro
The jury is still out on whether Apple’s supersized iPad Pro will finally launch later this year or early next year. The presence of enhanced multitasking with multi-app view in iOS 9 is a great indication that the


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