Tim Cook's Watch

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Tim Cook's Watch
Apple CEO Tim Cook wears his Apple Watch everywhere (even in the shower). However, if you look closely at photos of his watch, you can see that it's a totally unique model that is not available to the public.

Take a look at the photo of Cook holding an Apple Watch at the top of this article. Notice anything weird about the one he's wearing on his left wrist?

Cook wears a stainless steel Apple Watch with a white sport band. That's not the unusual bit. What's different about Cook's watch is the digital crown (the circular button that sticks out). Cook's crown is capped with a section that's colored red.

Nobody can buy the stainless steel Apple Watch with the red crown like Cook's — Apple simply doesn't sell that type of watch. Instead, only the gold Apple Watch Edition watches come with colored crowns — and they start at £8,000 (US$ 12,269).

So it looks like Cook is wearing a custom model of Apple Watch with a unique digital crown, possibly an early test model that he has decided to stick with.


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