Apple Watch 2
Not everyone was pleased with the way Apple Watch turned out. But if the critics expect Apple Watch 2 to have a different sized screen they should not hold their breath because a new report out of Korea claims the second-generation smartwatch will offer pretty much the same display, though with at least one big improvement.

According to Digital Daily, the Apple Watch 2 will feature a display with the same exact dimensions and resolution. The only difference is that this version might be slightly thinner and lighter, leaving more room for a bigger battery underneath. It’s also possible Apple could simply focus on slimming down the watch’s overall design.

The report also notes that Samsung will split the Apple Watch 2 display orders with LG, despite earlier reports claiming LG would be the sole supplier for this model.

Rumor has it Apple may include a camera with the new watch as its big new feature, making it possible to conduct FaceTime calls from your wrist. The company may also add a new pricing tier somewhere between the standard Apple Watch and the high-end Edition.

The Apple Watch 2 isn’t expected to arrive until 2016, giving the company a full year to update its hardware. Still, it’s possible we might get a look at the new model later this year similar to the way the current Apple Watch was unveiled months before it actually launched.


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