Leaks Showed iPhone 6s' Sexy Back

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Leaked iPhone 6s' Back
Very few are interested with iPhone leaks anymore, most likely because the next-gen iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will both look a lot like the devices that Apple released last fall. Internally, there will some new features and upgrades, but aesthetic-wise, not much will change.

Nonetheless, Nowhereelse.fr is attracting attention after it revealed some new photos posted by Future Supplier that purportedly show the rear casing of the upcoming iPhone 6s Plus. Unsurprisingly, the device’s rear shell looks very similar to the iPhone 6 Plus, which is not a big surprise.

The question now is: what's the different between this and the regular old 6 Plus? Not much really, but Future Supplier has an interesting explanation:

"The biggest changes are those two screw holes positioned as shown in the picture below. On the left is the iPhone 6s plus rear housing with the screw hole, used to hold the loud speaker module, is slightly higher than iPhone 6 Plus’s, indicates that the loud speaker module is different."
More Leaked iPhone 6s Photos
The publication's sources also claim that the material used for the casing feels stronger than the material used in the original 6 Plus, which in all likelihood is how Apple plans to prevent a second "Bendgate" fiasco from occurring.

For Apple users, having the same size as iPhone 6 means that they will get to keep the same phone case that they love when they decide to upgrade. Also, if they are upgrading from a different smartphone, chances are cases will be readily available on the day they buy it.

Screen protectors, chargers and headphones will stay the same too. Accessory producers don't have to revamp their production lines all over again.

Earlier, it was reported that the iPhone 6s is slated for a fall release and its widely anticipated feature is Force Touch: the touch screen will also be sensitive to pressure.


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