What is Android M's Official Name?

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Android M
Nobody may know the official name for Google’s Android M until the fall, unless you are part of the team of developers. However, the company is already using an internal code name for Android M that everyone had a hard time believing is the final name because it simply doesn’t roll off the tongue.

According to Android Police’s sources, Android M is known as Android Macadamia Nut Cookie (or MNC in short) for the time being. The name has been spotted already in AOSP code and it’s used internally at Google.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean that Google will necessarily use MNC later this year once it’s ready to publicly announce the name it chose for Android M. The company isn’t likely to announce the name at Google I/O in the next couple of days. Instead, Google might simply call it Android M until the final version of it is ready to roll out in fall, just like it did last year with Android L during beta testing.

Just like with MNC this year, Google used different dessert names for Android L and Android K in the past internally that were then abandoned when the operating systems were released. Android KitKat was known as Android KLP (Key Lime Pie) and Android Lollipop was referred to as Android LMP (Lemon Meringue Pie) in AOSP code and at Google.

Google will share the first details about Android M in a few days, but some Android M features have already started leaking ahead of the official announcement of the new mobile operating system, including fingerprint support and the new Photos app.


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