Best Time-Saving App Back in Apple Store

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Launcher App
Considered by many as the best time-saving app available right now, Launcher is returning to the App Store six months after Apple removed it without warning.

Shortly after Apple's iOS 8 came out, developer Greg Gardner released a creative new app called Launcher that allowed users to launch apps and shortcuts right from your iPhone's lock screen using the new widgets feature.

Think of a widget as an interactive icon that appears in your notification drawer.

People were excited about Launcher because it saved users time — instead of unlocking the phone and tapping through apps, users could easily press a button from their iPhone's notification center and jump right into an app, call their mom, or get directions home.

Apple, however, decided that Launcher's use of widgets didn't follow its guidelines, and eventually removed Launcher from the App Store despite Gardner's attempts to alter the app's functionality to Apple's liking.

"They were unsure themselves if they were going to allow the widget functionality or not," Gardner told Business Insider last year. "They had to debate it internally."

After Apple removed Launcher from the App Store, Gardner started a petition on and considered never developing for Apple again after the debacle.


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