Apple Watch Launch Date is Misleading

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Apple Watch Launch Date
To end the persistent rumors about the Apple Watch, the company had to put everything into perspective. However, it did not end there. Rumors still persist with no end in sight.

For instance, when Tim Cook first unveiled the Apple Watch last September 2014, including the period when it will be expected to be launch, the release date for the device quickly became a murky mess. At first, all everyone heard was that the device would launch in early 2015. This, of course, provided no particular guidance as the launch window could have been anywhere from January to June.

Then the rumor mill got to work. First, there were reports that Apple was aiming to launch the device in early February. Once that came and went, everyone started hearing rumblings about a launch in early March. Then, finally, Apple finally put all rumors to rest when it announced a release date of April 24 at its second Apple Watch event, Unfortunately, it created some more rumors and unsubstantiated reports.

When Apple Watch pre-orders opened up last 10 April, the hotly anticipated wearable sold out in just 6 hours. That’s all well and good, but even folks who managed to hit the "order" button quickly after pre-orders opened were greeted with shipping times of 4-6 weeks, meaning that some folks who stayed up late to get an Apple Watch won’t even get their device until mid-May at the earliest. Some of the lucky folks have shipping windows of 24 April through 8 May.

The availability problem is even worse for consumers who place an Apple Watch order a week later. As it stands now, all 10 variations of the aluminum Apple Watch with the Sport Band won’t ship until June. As for the 20 variations of the stainless steel Apple Watch, 7 of them are shipping within 4-6 weeks, 12 are shipping in June, and 1 — the Space Black Stainless Steel Link Bracelet — won't ship until July. Meanwhile, all 8 variations of the Apple Watch Edition aren’t shipping until June.

In sum, 31 out of the 38 Apple Watch variations won’t be shipping until June or later. For a device that was first announced in September, that’s an extremely long delay. And while that may be par for the course for some companies who like to tease consumers with upcoming products, that’s not how Apple typically operates, a fact that former Apple ad guru Ken Segall couldn’t help but notice himself.

Taking a strong stance, Segall writes that Apple’s 24 April launch date is wholly misleading. And truthfully, it’s hard to disagree.

Without question, the Apple Watch roll-out is the most staggered and confusing Apple product launch anybody has seen yet.

In Apple’s defense, launching a completely new product is not an easy feat, especially one as involved and complex as the Apple Watch. Often, it takes some time to work out all the manufacturing kinks. What’s more, because the Apple Watch is so new, Apple doesn’t yet have a gauge as to which models might be the most popular. Which is to say, it would make sense for Apple to slowly but surely ramp up supply once they get a better grasp on which models will be in high demand.

That’s all well and good, but as Segall relays himself, throwing out an 24 April launch when most people interested in the device may have to wait until June (or May if they’re lucky) seems like a bad joke.


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