Amazing iPhone 6s Features Expected

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iPhone 6s Features
Reports revealed that Apple is finally gearing up for a series of releases including the iPhone 6s and another refresh of the 2015 MacBook Pro.

According to recent information, Apple may be exploring more features on the iPhone 6s including new color variants. The 2015 MacBook Pro model to be released sometime this year, on the other hand, could feature Intel's Skylake promising faster and better performance. Can Apple ensure the success of these products or will they become considerable gambles?

The success of the iPhone 6 series raises expectations for the next iPhone release. Forecasts revolve around the iPhone 6S with several concept renders springing up. According to previous reports, Apple may be experimenting with a rose gold edition. The same concept inspired the striking renders published on

As for other interesting features, ADR Studio shares their iPhone 6s version with the Apple's Watch's Digital Crown. As a means to enhance user experience in the Apple Watch, the site puts that experience into the phone design possibly offer more features and utilities to the handset. However, Apple has not confirmed the inclusion of the system to any of its other devices. Likewise, the company has not provided the final details of the iPhone 6s thus the room for changes.

As for the 2015 MacBook Pro, forecasts also see Apple releasing another laptop in light of Intel's possible new processor. The chip company has been hyping up the capabilities of its processor that analysts think it should also be just a matter of time before Apple takes advantage of it. The processor is slated for release later this year although The Motley Fool thinks that Intel cannot afford more delays. The company's production suffered a series of setbacks pushing the launch.

According to the site: "However, if the PC vendors didn't allocate much of their design efforts into the Broadwell computers that will be launched (as implied here), and if Skylake-based machines are designed with more compelling system-level features (i.e., wireless charging, Real Sense, and so on), then delays of Skylake-based systems could negatively impact consumer-oriented PC sales in the second half of 2015."


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