The Neverending Rumor About Sapphire and iPhone 6

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Sapphire Screen
The idea of a spoiler always kept people on their toes. Despite all protests to the contrary, consumers love advanced knowledge of a dramatic work and its intricate features about their gadgets.

Some scientific research also backs this up. For instance, a study by a psychology department in the U.S. revealed that consumers reported experiencing greater levels of enjoyment when they are aware of the new features of items that they are about to purchase. In theatres, dramatists, and their audiences, have been aware of this for centuries, which is why one play is called “The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet” and not “What Happens to Romeo and Juliet?”

This is why hints of rumors about the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 are consumed whole. This is also the reason why this blog is constantly trying to comb through and re-examine the tremendous catalog of information available in the web, news reports, magazine specials and more ancillary products that cover the development of iPhone 6.

Most iPhone fans have always wondered about the truth to the rumor that the next Apple flagship smartphone will have a display made from sapphire. AppleInsider has found a newly published patent application that gives us fresh evidence that Apple has been toying around with sapphire displays, as it describes a method for coating sapphire displays to make them resistant to oily fingerprints.

AppleInsider notes that Apple first used such oil-resistant coatings with its iPhone 3GS, whose display was much smaller than what the iPhone 6′s display will likely be and wasn’t made of anything as fancy as sapphire.

It is still not hundred percent certain that the upcoming iPhone 6 will have a sapphire display but between this patent application and the impressive sapphire production capabilities Apple has with its new plant in Arizona, this is definitely a distinct possibility.


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