How the iPhone 5S Battery Fared So Far?

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We saw that Apple did not pull any punches and spared no expenses in launching its latest iPhone versions, iPhone 5s and 5c. Now, that almost everyone is transfixed and mesmerized with the features it offers, the next question in mind is this: Were there any improvements made in the unit’s battery life?

Some initial reactions are far from encouraging and made more painful for the company by comparative test that was released shortly after the launch. A new test showed that iPhone 5S and 5C may not be the juiciest smartphone in the market right now. In fact, it may not even be in the top five.

Test results revealed by a consumer review blog showed that Samsung Galaxy S 4, HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 mini all ranked higher than the iPhone 5S when it came to talk time. The S4 actually clocked at 1,051 minutes, iPhone 5S was goof for 651 minutes.
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When using the units exclusively for Internet surfing, the 5s is ranked even lower, at number seven. The S4 was again number one at 405 minutes. Surprisingly, BlackBerry's Z10 and Nokia's Lumia 1020 also fared better compared to both iPhone 5s and 5c by lodging 298 and 252 minutes respectively.

At the launch of the iPhone 5s, some reviews and tests actually revealed that the unit offered about the same daily rate of drain as last year's model despite carrying a bigger battery pack.

Technology site AnandTech also put Apple's newest phone through a rigorous series of tests and found it to be lagging behind several phones on the market in a WiFi web-browsing time test. Ironically, last year’s model even fared better. The only saving grace is that the latest Apple smartphones are considered the leader of the pack when it comes to LTE web-browsing time test.

In a similar testing of talk time on the iPhone 5s, AnandTech ranked the device 9th overall behind seven Android smartphones, as well as Apple's own iPhone 5c.

There are still no official statements from Apple regarding the battery issues and the two studies cited above may need some more improvements, in terms of methodology. However, it cannot be denied that iPhone 5s and 5c still need a lot of room for enhancement. It may excel in most areas considered relevant to a smartphone, but it still has a lot of catching up to do to be recognized as the leader in the battery-power landscape.


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