Miley's Twerk Creates a Minstrel Act

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Miley Cyrus
A few minutes after it was finished, so much was already discussed online about Miley Cyrus' performance at the recent MTV Video Music Awards (VMA).

Far from the tweetum roles she played under Disney Channel, Miley wants to let everyone know that she's all grown-up. And one way she thought she could do that is by going berserk on stage and destroying any last remnant of her sweet image.

Everyone liked a little raunchiness and shock value once in awhile, but Miley's performance was just horrible beyond belief. Her giant bears made most of the audience feel as if they just wandered into a furry convention.

Miley Cyrus
Someone described Miley's disturbing performance as "another example of a sweet kid actor who felt the need to over-sexualize herself to show that she's no longer a child."

With tongue hanging out more times than a thirsty dog on a hot summer walk, grabbing her crotch, bending over in front of Robin Thicke, and acting inappropriately with a foam finger as she pranced and "twerk" around in a nude bikini, it is clear that the raunchy Miley crossed the line to the dark side.

Fortunately for VMA audience that night, there are plenty to cheer for. For instance, Justin Timberlake inspires a whole lotta shaking, including a brief performance with N*Sync and Drake's show reminded everyone that one person with a microphone can be much more effective entertainment than a million gimmicks.


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