An 8-Month Penile Implant

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An advice to those who are planning to engage in penile implant: It's no joke to always poke.

This was the lesson learned by a Newark, Delaware truck driver who underwent a penile implant procedure and ended up with an erection that lasted eight months. Yes folks, you heard it right. Eight long months of constant flag-raising ceremony.

In April 2010, four months after the procedure was performed, Daniel Metzgar, 44, experienced swelling and went to a hospital, where he underwent testing. Before going to the hospital, Metzgar had been unable to reach his urologist Dr. Thomas Desperito.

Metzgar filed a lawsuit at the New Castle courthouse for negligence, but the doctor's lawyer argued that hospital staff who performed tests were unfamiliar with penile implants and were not properly trained to do them. Therefore, the results from the tests, including images showing swelling, did not prove negligence.

During the trial that lasted a week, Metzgar described the frequent discomfort and daily embarrassment he experienced after the procedure - including trouble riding a motorcycle, wearing normal clothes and joining family social events.

"I could hardly dance, with an erection poking my partner," Metzgar told jurors at the start of the trial. "It's not something you want to bring out at parties and show to friends."

Metzgar's stepson Alexander King, 18, described a once close relationship that grew distant after the procedure. King felt uncomfortable having friends over and noticed his stepfather stopped showing up at school and sporting events.

"I was - I'm sorry - highly embarrassed," he testified during the trial.

The device was ultimately removed in 2010 after tubing punctured Metzgar's scrotum. He received a replacement implant from another doctor. This means that he just never learned.

Unfortunately for Metzgar, the jury cleared a doctor of negligence last 17 June 2013.

"We're stunned," attorney Michael Heyden said as he left courthouse. Metzgar had no comment on the jury verdict, while the doctor's lawyer, Colleen Shields, said, "We think the jury reached the appropriate verdict."


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