Shifting to Functional Software Testing

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Thankfully, all the worrying about the Mayan calendar not extending past 2012 was misplaced. It gave every entrepreneur a chance for some introspection, and some thinking about what’s in store for the rest of 2013.

Lots of smart folks in the field of software testing have their own opinions about what is important in the Year of the Snake, but the majority will agree that suppliers of financial management and accounting, ERP, CRM, HR and supply chain management applications will have a good year. And not surprisingly, vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle and SAP are expected to dominate the upper half of the list.

Software testing is defined by academicians as an empirical investigation into the quality of a software product or service, with respect to the operational requirements. It provides an objective view of the product that helps the business understand some of the risks of implementing the software.

An enterprise can install millions of dollars of information technology infrastructure hardware and software, but servers with middleware and database software are just emergency breaks without the high-level business-tested applications that provide the real value. Hence, businesses go to great lengths to invest time and money in early testing and sensible automation, including software testing life cycle.

There are only a few companies and business executives who are willing to spend months writing software and then chuck it 'over the fence' as you say for testing.

Software testing has now evolved into a dynamic field where it is both fluid and organic. It is done by all areas of business and from the moment that testable code is produced. Not only does it save resources for the company but it also produces much more efficient and business centered software.

If there is one option available to business enterprises that requires software test plan management solutions or project management software without the high-price pegged by large vendors, then it is Inflectra. They cater to customers of all sizes with software testing methodologies and management solutions that enable them to effectively oversee management and testing.

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