Healthy Eating at Work

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Healthy Eating

Most entrepreneurs know that being too busy and stressed at work may endanger their health in several ways. However, only a few know that they can make one change that will boost their energy, increase their mental capacity and strengthen their defense against illness. It may even help them get a sexier figure. That change is this: switching to a healthier diet in the workplace.

They spend at least eight hours of their day most of the week in the office. When they develop bad eating habits in the course of their work, they can gain extra pounds and make themselves vulnerable to certain diseases – they may even become less productive and that could affect their jobs.

According to nutritionist Cecille Esperanza of Food Magazine, sticking to a health diet amid all the meetings and deadlines can seem impossible. She says however that it’s not too late to switch to a healthy workplace diet — as long as everyone commit to their goal of staying healthy at work. Being healthy at jobs will surely be a key to success as well.

"There are many ways to have a healthy diet even if you’re busy at work. All you have to do is to exert extra effort in minding what and how much you eat," Esperanza says.

So here are some tips any entrepreneur can follow to make their workplace diet healthier:
  • Eat a variety of foods. It's always advisable to have adequate servings of meat, vegetables and fruits, and grains in every meal to meet the daily nutritional requirements.

    If you have time to prepare your food at home, then pack your own lunch. This not only ensures that you’ll have something healthy and delicious for lunch but will also help you get less tempted to eat unhealthy foods around.

    But if you have to buy your food from your company’s cafeteria or a fast food restaurant, make sure that your meal is balanced and healthy.
  • Snack smart. Ever noticed how, after you work on a few office tasks, especially difficult ones, you feel hungry? That’s because you are already using up mental and physical resources and you need to replenish them. Snacking is the obvious solution to your hunger but you have to choose healthy food.

    Healthy snacks not only provide the energy to help you finish your tasks, but will also give you vital nutrients and minerals to boost your immune system and brainpower. Healthy snacks include sandwiches, fruits, crackers and pasta.

    "Cereal drinks and other sources of complex carbohydrates like pasta and crackers are good for snacking because they fill you up and provide you with energy," Esperanza shares.
  • Eat on time. According to Esperanza, one of the top unhealthy eating habits of a person at work is failing to eat on time. Some skip breakfast so as not to be late for work while others don't eat lunch just to finish their work early.

    If you need a quick, energizing and healthy drink, it’s very easy and convenient to choose cereal milk drinks. It's not intended as a meal replacement but it can help you satisfy your hunger in-between your main meals.
  • Concentrate on your food. Health experts have found out that eating in front of your computer or doing something else while eating makes the food less satisfying. Distractions during your lunchtime only increase your food intake especially when you snack later in the afternoon.

    To prevent overeating, eat in the cafeteria or in the pantry. Being away from your office table gives you a chance to eat properly and allows you to relax and give your mind and body a rest.
  • Eat only when you have to. Don't leave your snack lying on your desk so as to avoid unconsciously reaching out for it while you’re focused on your work. Keep your snack out of your sight by putting it in a cabinet or in the communal office refrigerator.

    Avoid going to vending machines or snack bars especially if you're not really hungry. Not only do you risk putting on excess calories if you go for such snacks, you also usually get sugary, fatty and unhealthy foods from vending machines or snack bars.
  • Satisfy your cravings. Craving for some chocolate or chips? Then go grab some—but only in moderation. Don't let yourself overeat foods that are too sweet, too salty, or too fatty.

    Esperanza explains, "If you always stop yourself from eating your favorite foods like cakes or ice creams, the tendency is you'll overeat other kinds of food. So if you want to have some sweets, just bear in mind to only have them in healthy servings. After all, you deserve a treat for being a hard worker."


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